Catering Project Management using Prince2

Ramsay Todd Food Consultants are experts in managing large scale catering projects and as Prince2 practioners we are able to use the Prince2 methodology, where required, to improve the success of those catering projects.

Project Management by Ramsay Todd - Catering Consultants

Our food consultants provide structure, focus and delivery of projects.

We establish the catering project plan, create a project team and set deadlines for each stage of the delivery.

We then closely monitor the progress of the catering project and keep the team focused.

Risks and challenges are highlighted so that solutions and mitigations can be provided to you, where required.

Our progress is tracked so that we can advise key stakeholders of performance ensuring there are no surprises. On completion of the project we conduct a ‘lessons learned’ exercise, which can then be used for reference for other projects.


What does catering project management encompass?

In a nutshell our commercial catering project management covers:

  • Mobilisation of new services
  • Change management leadership
  • Project lead or interface with the project teams

Read one of our case studies utiliisng our catering project management skills for more information.

Catering project management FAQs

Do Ramsay Todd Food Consultants use Prince2?

Yes, Prince2 is an accredited project management system that we use.


What is Prince2?

PRINCE2 is the UK standard for best practice in project management and is in widespread use throughout the public and private sectors both in the UK and overseas. PRINCE2 is process based and provides generic guidance for any type of project to increase successful project management.


Do catering project managers need to be Prince2 practitioners?

If the role of the catering project manager involves formal projects then yes it will improve the structure of them. It's particularly useful if your organisation uses the Prince 2 methodology as they will understand how to work seamlessly with your organisation.


Is it better to have a food consultant (who project manages) that is a qualified Prince2 practitioner?

Yes, in the food and beverage industry, a catering project manager doesn’t necessarily need to use Prince2 methodology but applied sensibly it will increase the chances of your catering management projects being successful. Project management can be completed without Prince2 and there are other project management systems that can be used however our approach ensures we are highly qualified and competent at delivery. 


Why would it be beneficial if the food consultant was a Prince2 practitioner?

PRINCE2 is the world’s most practiced project management methodology that improves effectiveness, communication and ultimately success for projects of all kinds.


Which countries recognise PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is already recognised as the world’s most popular project management methodology.


Catering project managers

Our skilled team will manage your large scale catering projects from start to finish. Assessing and hitting deadlines, managing tasks efficiently with effective communiction at every stage. We work closely within all areas of procurement, strategy and services development ensuring that your catering, and soft facilities gain the highest level of professionalism available.

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